Audit of projects funded by EU resources


Audit of projects funded by EU resources


Apart from professional services in the scope of financial statements audit, the Company also audits EU resources.

We are the only Polish entity which is a member of the audit group POLARIS INTERNATIONAL ( for which we provide audit services by the European Commission order of resources transferred directly by the European Union to Polish firms.

We offer the following services to EU program beneficiaries:

consultancy in the scope of accounting and tax aspects of subsidies
monitoring of project realization paying special attention to proper expenses settlement
audit of project realization correctness (financial aspect) and compliance with the program rules.

We audit realization of projects and programs funded by aid resources, among others PHARE, the European Social Fund by domestic entities’ order. These audits are carried out in accordance with the International Standards of Audit and requirements of the European Committee in the scope of procedures and rules specified by the principles of each program.

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